Transformative education starts here
Transformative education starts here

Shape your career, and the future of education with the online M.S. in the Learning Sciences

The Master of Science in the Learning Sciences (MSLS) offers a comprehensive online curriculum that combines innovative learning design with data-informed decision-making. Guided by distinguished faculty, students gain the competencies to excel in various career paths, including instructional design, learning analytics, or working in emerging technologies like AI. Through hands-on projects and research, you'll cultivate the expertise needed to innovate instructional methods and lead in the future of education at a global scale, supported by SMU’s legacy and network of professionals.

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Develop key skills that match your career goals

Online MSLS students will choose from one of two specializations, or, build their own unique path by choosing a blend of five courses from both specializations. Explore the specializations below and consider how each could propel your career to the next level.

Learning Analytics Specialization

Explore the art and science of analyzing educational data with SMU's Learning Analytics specialization. Learn to harness the power of data science to illuminate learning trends, devise impactful strategies, and drive educational innovation. Cultivate expertise in data modeling, critical analysis of learning tools, and ethical considerations of data use. Advance your skills in sophisticated analytics methods to guide decision-making and foster change in diverse learning environments. This specialization is your path to becoming an influential thought leader in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Learning and Technology Design Specialization

Step into the future of education with SMU's Learning & Technology Design specialization. This pathway helps you become an expert in creating deeply engaging and effective learning environments. Discover how advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize education, and develop the insight to apply embodied cognition principles to enhance learning experiences. Analyze the educational potential of video games, addressing critical social issues while nurturing learning across multiple dimensions. Prepare to lead in the design of next-generation educational technologies.

Build your own specialization

Combine an assortment of Learning Analytics and Learning and Technology Design courses to complete 15 credit hours of elective courses. Curate an educational experience to align with your personal career aspirations, crafting a master's degree that uniquely suits your vision. Note that some elective courses have prerequisites.

Forge a career within the evolving learning landscape

The MSLS degree from SMU is a launchpad for a range of impactful careers in the intersecting fields of education and technology. Graduates are equipped to assume high-demand roles that drive innovation and efficiency in learning systems across various sectors. Whether analyzing complex learning data within museums and workplaces or designing transformative educational systems, MSLS graduates emerge as enterprising leaders, positioned to make significant contributions across the educational spectrum and beyond.

With the skills gained from the online M.S. in the Learning Sciences, you'll be prepared to lead and revolutionize educational practices in businesses, schools, and beyond, shaping how knowledge is delivered and absorbed in the digital age.

Potential career opportunities include:
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Educational Technologist
  • Data Analyst in Education
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Corporate Trainer
  • E-Learning Developer
  • Learning Analytics Specialist
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Learning Analytics Course Highlight

Data, Education and Society

This class will explore what learning analytics can do, what it has the potential to do for good, and what the potential is for harm. This course will discuss multiple uses and applications of analytics, where simple steps can mitigate risk, the relationship between validity and risk, and where risk mitigation will do more harm than good. This course will be executed in the context of real-world educational systems, challenges, problems, and with reference to original sources as much as possible.

Explore the Whole Curriculum

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Experience committed support from nationally-recognized leaders in the field online at SMU.

As you join the online MSLS at SMU, you become part of a vibrant scholarly community led by luminaries. Here, professors are not just educators; they are innovators, passionate about helping the next generation of learning scientists achieve their fullest potential. With their guidance, you'll explore the boundaries of how technology can shape learning, and step confidently into a future where you too can leave a mark on the educational landscape.

Engage with faculty at the vanguard of their fields and embark on an academic journey where your growth is championed by the best in the business.

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Candace Walkington

Faculty Spotlight: Candace Walkington, Ph.D.

Dr. Candace Walkington personifies SMU’s commitment to educational excellence and innovation. An Annette and Harold Simmons Centennial Chair, Professor, and a Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Walkington's groundbreaking work bridges the realms of mathematics and personalization, crafting learning experiences that resonate with students' interests and real-world applications.

Her research delves into how abstract mathematical concepts can become tangible and meaningful through connections to students' lived experiences, a pedagogy catalyzed by emerging technologies. A recipient of the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, Dr. Walkington brings her nationally recognized expertise directly into the classroom, providing online MSLS students with unparalleled mentorship and leading-edge insights.

Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
July 15
Fall 2024
Final Deadline
August 5
Fall 2024
Class Start Date
August 26
Fall 2024

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